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Garagiste North

GAR-aH-Jeest NOrTH…

Picked by London Financial Times as one of the top five new festivals in the world!

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                                            ...the coolest wine festival ever

Come to the Festival

Welcome to Garagiste North: The Small Producers Wine Festival!

What is a garagiste? (gar-ah-jeest).  It started out in France (of course) where it was a derogatory phrase for those avante garde and crazy mavericks making wine in their garage and outside the highly regulated system. Gradually and grudgingly came the acknowledgement that something really interesting was happening with these small case lot artisan wines, and a movement was born.

We bring together the small guys. Wines produced from 100% Canadian grapes and under 2000 cases total production annually.  

Come out to one of our events and we'll help introduce you to these up and coming wine stars. 

GAR-aH-Jeest NOrTH…the coolest wine festival ever

Featured Wines

Our Sponsors

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The Wine Party  

The Small Producers Wine Festivals are produced by The Wine Party.  

Our Mission

To bring together the coolest wines, winemakers, and wine lovers ever

Garagiste North loves the small guys.  The cult, boutique, farmgate, and passionate winemakers of BC. Some cool things are happening out there and we want to share it with the world.  

Garagiste North
March 28, 2017 | Garagiste North

Spring 2017 - It is Coming, Right?

The Garagiste North Festivals return  Continue »

Garagiste North
March 22, 2016 | Garagiste North

Springtime in Wine Country

Looks like Mother Nature is winding up....  Continue »

Over 20 Little Wineries

Small Guys Fest 2017 - Vancouver Art Works

Over 200  people - 20 small wineries - amazing grilled cheese sandwiches from Melt.  Thank you for the great event  at Art Works Gallery!  Events coming up July 29 at Parksville and August 27th in Penticton.Hope to see you there.

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